Why must an author repeat?

I love book series. I love stories which build a history for the characters but I have one complaint. Every author inevitably repeats much of the history at the beginning of the story. This means for those of us who have read the previous books a long repetition of information. Why can’t authors place in the front of the books a headline which is titled:  Character Backgrounds, then write a brief or detailed history of the major characters. It would save those of us who read all the books from tedious repetition and for people who start with a book mid-series they will still have the necessary background information to fully enjoy the story.

Am I the only one who finds this repetition annoying? I understand why authors do it but I just think there has to be a way to spare those of us who read a lot.

Maisie Dobbs by Jacqueline Winspear

Dear Maisie,

You came from such humble beginnings. Losing your mother and having your father send you into service at a big house was heartbreaking, but you didn’t let those challenges break you. Your love of learning opened a door of opportunity and you gratefully walked through it.

Your loving father, Frankie Dobbs wished he had another choice, but he was burdened with doctor bills from your mother’s illness and he knew this was the best choice he had. You went to work for Lady Rowan. Discovering her vast library, you got up at 3 am so you could read before you began you day of chores. You feared being found out but had no idea discovering you in the library would be your way out of service. Maurice, a dear family friend of the Rowan’s, takes you under his wing training your mind and soul in ways you never expected.

Maurice realizes you learn and grasp concepts far beyond your age. You earn a place at Cambridge University and Lady Rowan becomes your patron. With the world of learning waiting to be discovered, England becomes involved in World War I. Your friend Enid, from your days in service compels you to do something more for the war effort. So you, Maisie takes a deferment at school and join up as a Voluntary Aid Nurse. Thus beginning another new path.

The mystery begins post WW I and Maisie you are now working as an independent private investigator, an unusual profession for a woman in 1929. You are hired to investigate when a worried husband wonders where his wife is spending her afternoons. Thus you are lead to The Retreat, a place for injured soldiers. It isn’t as rosy as it seems. Danger lies in your path and you realize you must face your own past.

Somethings never change Maisie. It may be almost 100 years past the ending of WW I but we still face war. War continues to damage souls and bodies. Soldiers still battle shell shock, physical challenges and are still misunderstood by society. Maisie, I don’t think I am brave enough to go to the front line and serve. My life has been protected from such choices. I am thankful for those who do serve.

You inspire me to face up to my own past, to the stories left unfinished. How will you finish your story? Will you be able to forgive yourself? Will I be able to forgive myself?  Will you be able to move forward?  Will I be able to move forward? Maisie, can we make new lives for ourselves? Only time will tell.

Your friend, Daphne


Bruno, Chief of Police


Dear Bruno,

Your life as a village policeman has me hooked. The descriptions of the colorful residents, the countryside and the details of life in a small French village sound wonderful. Of course it can’t be a mystery without turmoil and your fictional village of St. Denis is no exception. A man is found dead with a swastika carved into his chest. What does it mean? The memories of German atrocities still live in the quiet village. How will this mysterious death impact the people and their quiet lives?

How you navigate the world of French bureaucracy is beyond me. All the phone calls to different offices, each in charge of something different. So you end up with too many hands in the pot or cooks in the kitchen. It makes for a crazy way to solve a crime. And all the new European Union Laws which have infringed on the lives of the villagers causing time-tested ways of life to be illegal creates an additional layer of stress.

There is Isabelle and the memory of Katarina, your long-lost love in Kosovo where you met her while serving on a peace keeping mission. But we all know, it was a war because there was no peace. Will Isabelle take away the sting of the lost love? Can you make it work having two careers or will she leave you for Paris? And then there is the mad Englishwoman. What about her is so captivating? Why is she living in France?

And finally there is your cooking and love of wine Bruno. You are a master in the kitchen and reminded me of the importance food plays in our lives. You teach us it’s key to pair the right wine with the food to enhance the flavors of both. You teach us memories are made and shared around the table. Good food, good wine and good friends make for a rich life. You are an orphan no more. Your roots are planted in St. Denis and these people are your family. As my own life has shifted greatly in the past three years because divorce uprooted me, I am now searching for my own St. Denis. I need a place where I can plant myself and grow. And if you have an empty chair at the table, can I come to dinner?

Bisous, Daphne

Life with a Book


I have had a book blog for a while under a different name. I learned you can not change the name of your blog. If you want a new name, you begin a new blog. So here we are today. I chose Life with a Book because I can’t imagine life without a book. My earliest memories are spending time in the library and reading. Whether it was The Box Car Children, Miss Piggle Wiggle or Nancy Drew I have always loved to read.

Now I will confess I have read few of what are to be considered the classics. And I have promised myself someday I will get around to it, but for now I read for pleasure or to learn something new. The most exciting thing about books, is that you can read for pleasure and learn something new at the same time!

So I am beginning a journey to share with you the books I read, what I have learned from them and how I have incorporated them into my life. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.